United States District Court  - Southern District of Ohio
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Attorney Discipline Orders are removed from the Court's website 30 days after the Court's last substantive action. Even though the Orders will no longer appear on the website after 30 days, the Orders remain effective until reinstatement or until another remedy has been applied.
Attorney Last Name
Case Number
Linnen 01-06-mc-74 Eligibility Order | Transfer Order
Anthony 01-09-mc-10 Show Cause Order
Wrage 01-09-mc-69 Show Cause Order
Schwartz 01-10-mc-44 Compliance Order
Schuler 01-11-mc-51 Show Cause Order
Deters 01-12-mc-42 Compliance Order
Siebel 01-13-mc-34 Show Cause Order
Deters 01-13-mc-42 Reinstatement Order
Calaway 01-13-mc-48 Show Cause Order
Troller 01-14-mc-01 Suspension Order
Sellers 01-14-mc-02 Suspension Order
Stebelton 01-14-mc-03 Suspension Order
Weiss 01-14-mc-04 Suspension Order
Cohen 01-14-mc-07 Compliance Order
Garrison 01-14-mc-12 Show Cause Order
Lehmkuhl 01-14-mc-13 Show Cause Order
Bruder 01-14-mc-14 Show Cause Order
Wallace 03-00-mc-20 Transfer Order | Show Cause Order