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How to Setup E-Mail Notification

Users can receive e-mail notification of all electronic filings in cases they are interested in by setting the automatic e-mail notification in their user accounts.

Access the "Live" system. (Please note that the "Live" electronic filing system and the "Training Area" are different systems. Setting your e-mail notification in one system does not set it in the other.)

  • Click on "Utilities"
  • Click on "Maintain Your Account"
  • Click on "Email Information"
  • Click on “add new e-mail address”
  • Enter your correct email address in the “Primary e-mail address” box. You may include more than one e-mail address (i.e. work, home).
  • The default settings are:
  • This e-mail address should receive notices
  • Notices to be sent per filing. This selection sends notices to you immediately upon filing. Click on “Summary Report” to have a summary of the notices sent to you at the end of the day (usually at midnight).
  • Format of notices is HTML. Select “html format for Firefox or ISP e-mail service” or “text format for cc:Mail, GroupWise, other e-mail service.” Some experimentation may be required.
  • Receive general announcement notices.
  • Click on the link “add new e-mail address” under the Secondary e-mail addresses header to identify any additional email addresses of others you would like to receive electronic notice (i.e. an associate, para-legal, secretary).
  • To receive notification of activity for other cases, click on the box under “Add additional cases for noticing”. Enter the case numbers separated by commas or one at a time. Please use the format YY-#### (ex. 97-1234). Click on “Find Case”, select the appropriate case, and click on “Add Case”. You do not have to be a party in the cases entered.
  • Click on “Return to Person Information Screen.” From the Account Screen, select “Submit.” You will receive a confirmation screen listing the cases and e-mail options you have selected.
Click here to see a demonstration using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or newer.  
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or newer, click here to see demonstration.