United States District Court  - Southern District of Ohio
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Appendix of Court Orders

District-Wide Orders
General Order 14-04 - re: Procedures for the Implementation of the Retroactive Amendment to the Sentencing Guidelines Regarding Drug Sentences."
General Order 14-03 - re: Drug Case Resentencings
General Order 14-02 -In re: Appointment of Southern District of Ohio Federal Public Defender to represent all federal inmates originally sentenced in this district who may be eligible for reduction in their sentences pursuant to United States sentencing guidelines §§ 1B1.10, 2D1.1 and 2D1.11
General Order 14-01 - re: Adoption of Local Rules effective May 1, 2014
General Order 13-07 - adoption of Collateral Forfeiture Schedule - effective January 1. 2014
General Order 13-05 - Motions for Resentencing Under United States v. Blewett
General Order 13-04 - In the matter of: After-Hours Warrant Applications by Probation and Pretrial Services Officers
General Order 13-03 Nunc Pro Tunc Order appointing John P. Hehman, Clerk of Court effective August 29, 2012
General Order 13-02 - Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds.
General Order 12-03 Regarding Designation of John P. Hehman As Acting Clerk of Courts - effective July 2, 2012
General Order 12-02 Regarding Establishing a Specialized Supervised-Release Court - effective April 6, 2012
11-05 General Order Regarding Implementation of Retroactive Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines for Crack Cocaine
General Order 11-03 re - Replacement of bar exam with federal practice seminar.
10-05 General Order Superceding All Previous Orders on Reimbursement of Pro Bono Attorney Expenses in Indigent Litigation
General Order 10-03 re: Adoption of Local Patent Rules
10-2 General Order Regarding Changes to the Admission and Readmission Fees to this Court
08-03 General Order Regarding Implementation of Retroactive Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines for Crack Cocaine
07-12 General Order Rule 6(e) Order Regarding Disclosure of Matters Occurring Before The Grand Jury to Contract Employees in the United States Attorney's Office
07-11 General Order Regarding Increase to Transcript Fees and New Rate for Transcript Delivery within 14 Days
07-03 General Order Regarding Procedures for Foreclosure Actions Based on Diversity Jurisdiction
07-02 General Order Regarding Disclosure of Pretrial Services Reports
Procedure for Assigning Multi-defendant Criminal Actions
05-05 General Order Regarding Security Procedures
05-02 General Order Governing Bankruptcy Referral
03-03 General Order Regarding Court Reporter Plan
Cincinnati Orders
CIN 14-01 General Order of Assignment and Reference
Cin 12-01 Magistrate Judges' General Order Concerning Social Security Appeals
Cin 11-01 General Order of Reference (Magistrate Judges Litkovitz and Bowman)
General Order of Reference (Magistrate Judge Wehrman)
07-09 General Order Regarding Appointment of Special Masters in Foreclosure Actions
General Order Regarding Ongoing Mediation Program
General Order of Reference for Magistrate Judges at the Cincinnati location of court
Columbus Orders
COL 14-02 Appointment of The Honorable Elizabeth Preston Deavers as Chair of the Columbus Seat of Court CJA Panel Committee
COL 14-01 Eastern Division United States Magistrate Judges
COL 13-03 In Re: Selina R. Miller
COL 13-02 In Re: Todd Jeffrey Bruseau
General Order COL 13-01 - Order revoking Salina Miller's right to proceed in forma pauperis.
Col 11-01 General Order Regarding Appointment of Chair of CJA Panel Committee
07-04 General Order Regarding Appointment of Special Masters in Foreclosure Cases
Magistrate Judges' General Order Concerning Social Security Appeals
01-2 In Re: Settlement Week
01-1 In Re: Pretrial Conferences
95-2 Additional General Reference to Magistrate Judges
91-3 In Re: United States Magistrate Judges
Dayton Orders
Day 13-03 Attorney Visits To Detained Federal Defendants - effective October 21, 2013
Day 13-02 Authorization to the Clerk to Approve Fine and Collateral Forfeiture Payment Plans
Day 13-01 Assignment and Reference to Magistrate Judges
Day 12-02 General Order Regarding Initial Appearance and Warrant Procedure - effective March 21, 2012
Day 12-01 General Order on Pretrial and Trial Procedures for use in all civil cases in Dayton,
revised November 19, 2012
Day 11-01 Magistrate Judges' Third Amended General Order No. 9
General Order Regarding Attorney Cell Phones - effective June 13, 2007
Magistrate Judge's General Order No. 2006-01 concerning Petty Offenses
General Order 11 - Magistrate Judges' General Order Concerning Social Security Appeals (Sixth Amended)