United States District Court  - Southern District of Ohio
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Magistrate Judge Sharon L. Ovington - Standing Orders

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The documents below are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please click here and follow the directions.

General Order No. 1 - Pretrial And Trial Procedures - effective February 3, 2003 (PDF)
General Order No. 1 - Pretrial And Trial Procedures - prior to February 3, 2003 (PDF)
General Order No. 12-01 Dayton - revised November 19, 2012 [Dayton Civil Cases Procedures]
Day 12-02 General Order Regarding Initial Appearance and Warrant Procedure
Sixth Amended Magistrate Judges' General Order No. 11 - regarding Social Security Appeals (PDF)
Rule 26(f) - Report of the Parties (PDF)
General Order regarding Mediation Program - filed December 16, 2004 (PDF)
Appointment Order regarding Dayton Division CJA Panel Chair - filed March 1, 2005 (PDF)
Magistrate Judge's General Order No. 2006-01 concerning Petty Offenses