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Pro Hac Vice Admissions

Consistent with Case Management Order 1: Order Addressing Preliminary Matters and Setting Initial Telephone Conference, each attorney who is not already a member of the bar of this Court but who seeks to act as counsel for any party in these proceedings must apply for admission pro hac vice but will not be required to obtain local counsel or pay the pro hac vice fee at this juncture.

Although the Case Management Order states that Magistrate Judge Deavers will address such motions, such motions will hereinafter be handled by the Clerk’s Office.  Counsel applying for admission pro hac vice in their member case and in this case, MDL No. 2661, shall complete the attached form and email it to  Alternatively, the applicant may mail the motion to:

Office of the Clerk
Joseph P. Kinneary U.S. Courthouse
Room 121
85 Marconi Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43215

The Clerk’s Office will review the motion for eligibility, and someone from the Clerk’s Office will contact the applicant if there is a problem with the motion.

After the motion is granted, the applicant will automatically be added as counsel of record in both the member case and in MDL 2661.  The applicant will automatically be registered to use the electronic filing system so that he or she will receive electronic notification of filings.

Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice in MDL 2661