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ADR: District Court Mediation



The United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio is pleased to announce the adoption of Supplemental Procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution for civil cases effective February 21, 2013. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a process designed to achieve early, cost-effective and fair resolution of civil cases. The Court’s program authorizes the following ADR processes

Settlement Week Mediation: A week set aside by the Court for the scheduling of cases for mediation by volunteer attorneys.

Attorney-Based Mediation: A mediation conducted by volunteer lawyers.

Judicial-Based Mediation: A mediation conducted by a judicial officer other than the judicial officer assigned to the case.

Summary Jury Trials: An abbreviated trial held before a judicial officer and an advisory jury where the parties use the advisory verdict from the jury as a basis for settlement discussions.

Referrals to an ADR process are made at the discretion of a judicial officer or at the request of the parties.

To learn more about the Court’s ADR processes, please select: Southern District of Ohio Supplemental Procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution

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