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Criminal Justice Act

The Court’s Criminal Justice Act webpage is a resource for counsel and experts to find current information such as the Court’s CJA Plan, the Guidelines for Administering CJA & Related Statutes, Announcements, the eVoucher log-in link, and the National CJA Voucher Training Materials, as well as rates and contact details.


Upcoming Changes to CJA eVoucher with Release v 6.10
On May 11, 2024, for enhanced security, all attorneys and experts will be required to link their Single Login Profile (“SLP”) to a account to sign into CJA eVoucher.  Step-by-step instructions are available below.

CJA Information
CJA Plan
CJA Training Panel Program (Mentee/Mentor Information)
CJA Mentee Application
Guidelines for Administering CJA & Related Statutes

CJA Registration
CJA Counsel Registration Form
CJA Expert Registration Form
W-9 Form

Attorney Tools
Chart for Rates on CJA Cases (Hourly Rates, Mileage Rates & Compensation Maximums) (Updated 1/4/2024)  
How to Request Excess Fees
Best Practices for CJA eVoucher & Submitting Vouchers (Updated 1/5/2022)  
CJA Service Provider Rates (Updated 4/3/2020)
CJA 23 Financial Affidavit

CJA 24 Transcript Rates (Updated 10/1/2023)

Importing Service Entries
CJA 20 formatted spreadsheet
CJA 30 formatted spreadsheet


eVoucher Login

National CJA Voucher Training Materials

Release 6.10 Job Aids
Creating a Account
Adding An Authentication Method
Identity Verification
Linking your eVoucher and Accounts
Accessing eVoucher
Single Login Profile


Questions regarding CJA?
Panel Appointment - (513) 564-7529
eVoucher Help Desk - (513) 564-7529

Office of the Federal Public Defender
Cincinnati (513) 929-4834
Columbus (614) 469-2999
Dayton (937) 225-7687

Circuit Budgeting Attorney
Dennis Alerding (513) 564-7358

SDOH CJA Panel – District
SDOH CJA Panel – Cincinnati
SDOH CJA Panel – Columbus
SDOH CJA Panel – Dayton