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Criminal Justice Act

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CJA Training Panel Program

Mentee Application - CJA Training Panel Program

CJA Panel Selection Announcement 2017

Application for Admission to CJA Panel

CJA Seat of Court Committee Roster (Effective Jan. 1 2017)

Guidelines for Administering CJA & Related Statutes (UPDATED 6/13/2019)

Johnson Case Review ECF Process

Attorney Tools

Current Attorney Case Compensation Maximums (UPDATED 3/1/2019)
CJA Pay Chart (Hourly Rates, Mileage Rates & Case Compensation Maximums (UPDATED 1/21/2020)
CJA Panel Attorney Quick Reference Guide (UPDATED 9/25/2019)
CJA Frequently Asked Questions
Best Practices for Submitting Vouchers
National CJA Voucher Reference Tool
Chart to Convert Minutes to Tenths of an Hour for eVoucher Billing
CJA Service Provider Rates (UPDATED 4/3/2020)

eVoucher Training Materials

Version 5.2 Training Manuals
eVoucher Attorney Manual
eVoucher Expert Manual

Version 5.2 ELMs
Introduction to eVoucher login
Introduction to eVoucher interface
Creating a New CJA-20/30 Voucher
CJA Expert Services and Authorizations
Creating a CJA-20/30 Voucher with an Associate  

Version 5.2 Job Aids
First Login to eVoucher
Attorney Associates Functionality
Creating a CJA20 Voucher
Service Provider Authorization
Linking Authority for CJA21
Creating a CJA 24 Authorization
Changing Your Username and Password
Audit Assist Manager
eVoucher Online Help Tool

CJA Training (2018)
CJA eVoucher Training for Panel Attorneys Dayton 6/19/18
CJA eVoucher Training for Panel Attorneys Cincinnati 7/13/18
CJA eVoucher Training for Panel Attorneys Columbus 7/25/18
Training Handout Packet

CJA Training Seminar Videos (2015)
Tech for Discovery
Gun Presentation
Sixth Circuit Update
Judges Roundtable
Navigating Supervised Release



A link to several pro se forms can be found here. They are located on the bottom right of that page.

Effective July 1, 2015 for the Cincinnati division and September 1, 2015 for the Columbus and Dayton divisions, attorneys appointed as counsel in criminal cases in the Southern District of Ohio shall use the new CJA eVoucher program. Access to the new program can be reached by using this link.

The CJA eVoucher program has been tested with Internet Explorer and Safari. If you use Internet Explorer 11 and receive a message to set the browser to compatibility mode, do the following:

    ● Click on the tools menu bar
    ● Select Compatibility view settings
    ● Add website
    ● Click on Add button
    ● Close settings box

If you have any questions or need assistance with eVoucher, Please



UPDATE: As part of the CJA eVoucher v5.2 Upgrade, there will be a new associate functionality that will allow a court appointed attorney who uses the services of an associate to add claims to their CJA 20/30 voucher. In order to do this, the court appointed attorney must first contact the Court via email at and provide the associate’s pertinent information so that they can be entered in to eVoucher and added to the appointment. Once completed, the attorney may then add the associate’s services and expenses to their CJA 20/30 on that appointment. This must be done on an individual case-by-case basis. When entering an associate’s time on a voucher, please make sure to select the “On Voucher, No Edit” option in the “Associate Info” section as the services and expenses will need to be entered on the voucher by the court appointed attorney. Please refer to both the “Associates Functionality” and “Creating a CJA20 Voucher” job aids under the Version 5.2 Job Aids.