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Criminal Justice Act


  • 4/2/2022 – CJA eVoucher be unavailable due to planned maintenance from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, 4/2/2022. You are advised to save your work and log off.
  • Effective 4/1/2022 – Document types “BudgetAUTH” and “TravelAUTH” are available in CJA eVoucher. See specific Job Aids under Training Materials.
  • 7/13/2020 - Changes on how to Request Excess Fees, click here for more information

Job Aids
CJA Plan
CJA Training Panel Program
Mentee Application - CJA Training Panel Program
CJA Panel Selection Announcement 2017
Application for Admission to CJA Panel
CJA Seat of Court Committee Roster (Effective Jan. 1 2017)
Guidelines for Administering CJA & Related Statutes (Updated 6/13/2019)


Training Materials
Creating a BudgetAUTH
Creating a TravelAUTH

Version 6.6
Importing Service Entries
CJA 20 formatted spreadsheet
CJA 30 formatted spreadsheet

Version 6.4 Training Materials
External User CJA Sign On
Linking SLP Accounts
Modifying SLP Account Info
SLP Sign in, Update Password, Locked Account


Attorney Tools
Chart for Rates on CJA Cases (Hourly Rates, Mileage Rates & Compensation Maximums) (Updated 1/5/2022)  
Best Practices for CJA eVoucher & Submitting Vouchers (Updated 1/5/2022)  
Chart to Convert Minutes to Tenths of an Hour for eVoucher Billing
CJA Service Provider Rates (Updated 4/3/2020)
CJA 23 Financial Affidavit

CJA 24 Transcript Rates


eVoucher Login

National CJA Voucher Training Materials

Questions regarding CJA?
Panel Appointment - (513) 564-7529
eVoucher Help Desk - (513) 564-7529

Office of the Federal Public Defender
Cincinnati (513) 929-4834
Columbus (614) 469-2999
Dayton (937) 225-7687

Circuit Budgeting Attorney – Denny Alerding (513) 564-7358