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Pro Se

A link to several pro se forms can be found here. They are located on the bottom right of that page.

Pro Se Information

If you wish to start a civil action in federal court, but do not have an attorney to represent you, you may bring your case on your own. Bringing a case on your own is called proceeding "pro se".  A civil action is the only type of case you can start in federal court and is different from a criminal action which is started by government officials.  You do not have the right to an attorney in a civil case and the Court only appoints attorneys in certain circumstances.  Because you do not have the right to an attorney and may not be appointed one, you must be ready to pursue your case to completion. 

The Guide for Pro Se Civil Litigants contains information to help you if you decide to proceed pro se.  If you file a case pro se, you will have to follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and this Court's Local Rules the same as any attorney who represents someone.

Disclaimer:  The Pro Se Guides are not intended to take the place of an attorney's legal advice.  It also may not contain information that addresses your particular case or problem.