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  • The Court’s Electronic Filing Policies and Procedures Manual states as follows:

    1. Redacted Documents. Filing parties shall redact private personal information from filings in accordance with Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2.
    2. Unredacted Documents. With leave of the court, a party may file under seal a document containing the unredacted personal data identifiers listed in Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2(a).

    a. The party seeking to file an unredacted document shall file electronically a motion to file the document under seal pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2.
    b. In granting the motion or application to seal, the assigned judge may require the party to file a redacted copy for the public record.

    3. The responsibility for redacting personal data identifiers rests solely with counsel and the parties. The Clerk’s Office will not review documents for compliance with this rule, seal on its own motion documents containing personal data identifiers, or redact documents, whether filed electronically or on paper (See FRCP 5.2 Advisory Notes, 2007 Adoption). The court may, however, order an unredacted document sealed to protect privacy interests, particularly of non-parties.

  • Where can I obtain a passport?

    The District Court does not issue passports. To find the nearest location, please go to this link:

  •  How does an attorney become admitted to appear pro hac vice in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio?

    To be admitted pro hac vice, refer to Local Rule 83.3(e) and (f).

  •  How does an attorney become admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio?

     See Local Rule 83.3(c) for admission to the bar.

  •  How do I present documents for filing under seal?

     See Local Rule 79.3 for proper filing procedures.

  •  Can a document be filed by fax or be faxed to me?

     We do not accept faxed documents for filing, nor do we send court filings by fax.

  •  How do I obtain copies of court documents?
    • Documents in most civil and criminal cases filed since September 1, 2003 are available for viewing/printing via the internet, by accessing the court's CM/ECF - PACER system.  A U.S. Courts PACER account is required. Documents are in PDF format, and have a per page fee, with a quarterly minimum billing amount and a per document maximum charge. For more details, contact the PACER Service Center, at (800) 676-6856, or visit .
    • Documents in older cases may be identified on docket sheets through the court's Case Search page. Then, a request for specific documents may be made by mail or fax using the Copy Request Form. Copies are provided by the court at 50 cents per page. Court staff will contact the requestor to arrange payment.
    • Documents available through PACER may also be viewed and printed at the Clerk's office on public access computers. No PACER account is required, and copies are also subject to fees. We have Clerk’s Office locations in Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton.
    • U.S. Code, 28 § 1914 , authorizes the Judicial Conference of the United States to establish District Court fees, including copy fees. Check the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule for more information.
    • NOTE: In compliance with the Judicial Conference of the United States Policy on Privacy and Public Access, and the E-Government Act of 2002 , copies of case documents provided by the U.S. District Court Clerk’s office may include Personal Data Identifiers (PDI’s), such as Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, birthdates, or names of minor children, which have been redacted (blacked out) by counsel or pursuant to court order.


Questions about Naturalization

  •  I lost my Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization and need it to obtain a passport. How do I get a copy of the certificate?

    The clerk’s office does not keep or provide Certificates of Citizenship. The Certificate must be obtained from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services at:, or (800) 870-3676 or (800) 375-5283.  The Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document (form number N-565) and instructions for completing the form are available online.

  • Can I process my passport application with the clerk’s office?

    The District Court does not issue passports. To find the nearest location, please go to this link:


  • I’m a naturalized citizen and I would like to change my name. What's the procedure?

    Name changes will ONLY be granted if the new citizen attends the naturalization ceremony and completes a Name Change Petition. If the name was not changed on that day, then you must to contact your local county court clerk’s office for the proper procedures and costs.

  • How do I obtain a copy of my Name Change Petition?

    If you were naturalized at the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, in 1992 or thereafter, please call the Clerk’s office (513)564-7500 for Cincinnati and surrounding area, (614) 719-3000 for Columbus and surrounding area, or (937)512-1400 for Dayton and surrounding area to verify your naturalization date.  Upon providing a picture I.D., the Clerk’s Office will provide one free, certified copy of the Name Change Petition.

  • How do I find information regarding my great, great, grandfather who was naturalized in Ohio?

    Naturalization records dated 1929-1991 can be obtained from the National Archives, Great Lakes Region at 7358 South Pulaski Road, Chicago, Illinois, 60629-5898, (773)-948-9001.



Naturalization records dated 1822-1928 can be obtained from the local county Clerk’s Office in which the individual was sworn in.