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Redaction & Privacy Warning

Privacy  Warning!

The Advisory Committee Note accompanying Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.2 states, "The clerk  
is not required to review documents filed with the court for compliance with this rule. The
responsibility to redact filings rests with counsel and the party or non-party making the

When reviewing documents for electronic filing, be sure to review any attachments and/or exhibits
for personal identifiers.

When you file a piece of paper with the Clerk's Office, the Clerk's Office will scan the document
to make it electronic and file it in your case.  Anyone with the ability to view electronic cases
will be able to see your document.  Make sure that you omit or "black out" parts of the
below-listed identifiers so that individuals cannot see your entire personal information.

Personal identifiers include:

1.  Social Security numbers
2.   Financial account numbers
3.   Dates  of birth
4.   Names  of minor children
5.   Home  addresses (in  criminal cases)

Only the last four digits of a Social Security number should be seen, for example,
123-45-6789 should be seen as XXX-XX-6789

Only the last four digits of a financial account number should be seen, for example, 123456789 10 11 should be seen  as XX XXXXXXX 10 11

Only the year of a date of birth should appear, for example, 1/23/45 should appear  as X/XX/45

If a name of a minor child appears, John Doe, the name should be redacted to read, J.D. (Only
the  initials should be visible).

If a home address appears on a document in a criminal case, 1234 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, the address should be redacted to read, Cincinnati, Ohio (only the city and state should be visible).