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WARNING: Scam Phone Calls Appearing to Come from Court's Phone Number

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The court has recently received multiple reports from people who received fraudulent phone calls that appear to be coming from our court's phone number. The callers were not from this court, but instead attempted to use a fake court phone number in the caller ID. The callers sometimes identified themselves as being from the FBI, told the recipient that they were implicated for involvement in a prostitution ring, and tried to coerce the recipient to pay a fine by sending cash, Paypal payments, credit card information etc. to a fraudulent source. The Marshals Service urges the public not to divulge personal or financial information to unknown callers, even if they sound legitimate. If you believe you were a victim of one of these calls, you are encouraged to report the incident to your local law enforcement department, or local U.S. Marshals or FBI office.