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Notice Re: Court updating Attorney Mediator roster

Dear Counsel,


The Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan (ADR) for civil cases in the Southern District of Ohio includes Attorney Based Mediation - a mediation conducted by a volunteer lawyer admitted in the district who has been in practice at least five years.  Referrals to Attorney Based Mediation are made on a case-by-case basis by a judicial officer or at the request of the parties.

The Court is in the process of updating its attorney mediator roster.  If you are interested in serving as a volunteer mediator for the Attorney Based Mediation program, please complete the attached Attorney Mediator Application and respond to:   

The Court's ADR Plan, which explains the mediator selection process and duties, is posted on the Court's ADR website:  In addition, the standard forms used by volunteer mediators to facilitate a mediation session and communicate the status and results of the mediation to the Court are also posted on the ADR website.

Thank you for considering this request to serve the Court.


Karen L. Litkovitz
Chief United States Magistrate Judge
Southern District of Ohio
716 Potter Stewart US Courthouse
Cincinnati, OH 45202 
Stephanie K. Bowman
United States Magistrate Judge
Southern District of Ohio
706 Potter Stewart  US Courthouse
Cincinnati, OH 45202